We at HigherRealms use the Sony FS7 4K production camera. We have tripods, a steadycam and other tools to bring a production to life. And we are constantly updating our resources. We also have the audio equipment needed to produce professional production sound and audio.

If you need to have your movie edited, we use the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. We would love to help you bring your project to life.

We believe in CGI. We also know that practical effects play a big part in bring characters and their environments together. Blending both worlds is key to making a movie look natural and real.


Production Equipment HD and 4K

Got a Short Script?

Have you always wanted to shoot that short script you wrote? We have the tools to make your story into a movie. Shoot us an email we can help .

Producing a Feature Film?

HigherRealm Productions has the equipent and skill to bring your feature film from dream to reality. We can shoot in HD or 4K. We can even edit your movie for you.

Want a Youtube Channel?

Let us help you create the next big youtube craze. We will show you how to shoot video and even edit your videos. We can even shoot and edit them for you.

Makeup Effects and Pratical Effects